Journey of a Jewel

Get a glimpse into the creative process behind our masterpieces, from initial sketch to final polished design.

Journey Together

Discover the unique journey of each creation, guided by our master artisans.

An Enduring Passion

Our founder's muse and a symbol of his fierce passion for craftsmanship, the panther reigns over all.

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An Artist's Palette

Intricate design is richly colored with the ultimate artist's palette: Mother Nature's.

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A Mystery, Revealed

In our jewelry artisan’s hands, the dragon—a mythic vision of wisdom and strength—is revealed.

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A Stunning Triumph

75 diamonds are hand-set into a stunning mosaic—and a triumph of craftsmanship is born.

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A Proud Legacy

Reflecting our unparalleled and lasting quality, the vibrant peacock stands as an icon of beauty, pride and integrity.

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