Market Research Analyst



Establish, planning, implementing and evaluating the marketing, advertising, electronic communications and public relations programs within the tourism industry. Research market conditions to determine potential sales. Evaluate the performance of Port Lecturers. Establish research methodology and design format for data gathering. Identify the demand for services in the varying markets and design research to address key business goals and targets. Manage research projects through design, execution, and analysis phases. Analyze and interpret research results, summarize findings, and make recommendations for advertising. Collaborate with other departments (sales, design, finance etc.) to integrate improved and/or new products into marketing strategies and programs. Develop and recommend programs which will respond to current and projected competitive action. Develop systems for the periodic review of marginally profitable products, monitor performance, and make recommendations for justifiable deletion of products. Assess and evaluate sales objectives and targeted markets and identify potential problems and opportunities and make recommendations on appropriate courses of action.

The position requires domestic travel four times pear year (up to 21 days per trip)and bi-annual international travel to St. Maarten (10 days per trip).


3 or 4 years bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Commerce or business required. 24 months experience as a market research analyst. Must have 12 months of market research experience in the jewelry industry.




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