Style Spotlight: Janelle Monáe

534564You may have seen Janelle Monáe performing one of her Grammy-winning songs or walking the red carpet of one of her new films. Recently, she even appeared in two Oscar nominated films, Moonlight and Hidden Figures. If you are a new fan of this talented actress, you may be intrigued by her signature black and white style and how you can take inspiration from it.

Many young stars in Hollywood are difficult to take as style inspirations because they choose a provocative or revealing style in order to make a statement. Janelle Monáe is one star who proves that you can make a statement through simple, classic style choices that don’t reveal too much. By choosing simple colors and highlighting them with bold jewelry and makeup, she has created a style all her own and inspired others to do the same. Encouraging her fans to be unique and wear what they truly love, she does the same in her daily style.

The Tuxedo Era

When she first began her career as a musician and actress, Janelle wore only fitted tuxedos to formal events and to her performances, with a collared white shirt and bow tie. Along with a classic hairstyle inspired by the pompadour, her overall look was a throwback to a past era, inspired by Grace Jones and Josephine Baker. The look was sometimes complemented with a simple black fedora. She kept to a black and white color pattern inspired by the tuxedo’s color palette even after she abandoned the tux.

Why Stick to A Chosen Color Palette?

Sticking to a simple color palette for most of your wardrobe pieces is a great idea if you are starting a new career or era in your life. You can build a capsule wardrobe of pieces in the chosen colors that can easily be mixed and matched to create unique looks. This also allows you to experiment with different types of jewelry to highlight your new signature look. Invest in quality pieces that will stand out when you pair them with your outfits, whether in gold or white gold.

Choosing Jewelry to Highlight Your Clothing


When you stick to a simple color palette with your clothing, jewelry can also be matching and minimalist or it can be bold and eye catching. The right jewelry depends on whether your clothing choice is simple or more ornate. Recently, Janelle Monáe wore a long black evening dress with white feather trim to a party celebrating a magazine cover she appeared on. To complement the dress without overpowering the look, she chose simple rings featuring onyx and gold from Effy Jewelry.

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