Spotlight on The Signature Collection by Effy Jewelry

Each of the collections presented by Effy Jewelry showcases the unique designs and talent behind the line. But the one that best represents the heart and soul of the Effy brand is the Signature Collection, which showcases the beauty and power that inspires Effy designs. To truly understand the Signature Collection, you must first understand both the man and the inspiration behind the line. The Signature Collection by Effy takes its spirit and style from both places to create jewelry that is infused with energy and desire.

About The Artist: Effy Hematian


For almost forty years, Effy Hematian has designed and produced some of the most beautiful, high-quality jewelry for men and women. Trained as an engineer, Effy uses his technical understanding to bring his visions of beautiful gemstones in complex settings to life. All of the jewelry produced by Effy is crafted using the lost wax process to ensure careful placement of the gold and gemstones in each setting. During this process, artists craft a wax mold of the piece to be made and pour plaster over the mold. This is fired in a kiln and left to dry overnight, allowing the wax to evaporate. Once the mold is cooled, gold is poured in place of the evaporated wax to create the perfect setting. The gold is then hand polished before the gemstones are placed in the setting.

About The Inspiration: The Panther


Effy Hematian has had a lifelong interest in the panther. Captivated by the sleek power of the animal, he has long created jewelry that honors the great cat’s image. The panther is an animal that has long held a mystique and air of greatness. In ancient mythology, the panther was said to be so powerful that he could capture and eat dragons. In nature, panthers are known for their speed, prowess, and beauty. The richness of the panther’s coat is reflected in the beautiful gemstones used in the Signature Collection. Bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces featuring the panther head are all packed with sparkle, using bright gemstones in place of the eyes to recall the real life sparkle in a panther’s gaze.

Why Shop Signature Collection By Effy Jewelry?

Signature Rose Gold Emerald & Diamond Pendant, 1.83 TCW

Signature Rose Gold Emerald & Diamond Pendant, 1.83 TCW

Whether you purchase for yourself or to give as a gift, a piece of jewelry from Effy’s Signature line holds a powerful meaning. The panther is a symbol of good luck and protection, said to bring fortune to travelers and business people. It inspires and commands respect in the animal world, just as much as it will when worn in the boardroom or at social engagements.

The Signature Collection from Effy Jewelry offers something to suit anyone. Start finding the right piece for you by clicking here to see our selection of Signature Collection pieces. To browse the other collections Effy Jewelry has available, click here.

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