Spotlight on Effy Jewelry’s Diversa Collection

Innovation meets design with the pieces showcased in our Diversa Collection. Each of the pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are made to have more than one look, giving the jewelry multiple possible ways to be worn. Not only are these pieces diverse, they are made with the quality gems and craftsmanship that Effy Jewelry has come to be known for over the years. Read on to learn more about the Diversa Collection and why the pieces included are unique and noteworthy.

Perfectly Designed for The Jet Set Lifestyle

The Diversa Collection includes pieces of jewelry that make ideal gifts for friends and family members who live to travel and spend more time on the road than at home. Pieces are made to transition easily for one look to another, making them worth packing no matter how little room there is in the suitcase. Plus, the refined elegance of the design and quality of gemstones used means Effy Jewelry can be worn to any occasion, no matter how formal.

Versatility and Style in One Piece

Many pieces of jewelry that claim to be adaptable into different looks have a utilitarian and functional look, making them less than stylish and inappropriate for wear at formal events. This is not the case with the Diversa collection, where style is never sacrificed for functionality. Whether you choose to wear the 2-way earrings as a cluster or let them dangle to catch the light, each look is equally chic and striking. The quality craftsmanship of each piece that carries the Effy Jewelry name is your assurance that each piece will be durable no matter how long you own it.

Create Diverse Looks with One Piece of Jewelry


When you give a gift selected from the Diversa collection, you’re essentially giving two different gifts in one. While some of the Diversa collection is subtle in terms of the changes that can be made, there are also pieces that offer two very different looks. For example, the Star of David Two Way Necklace can be worn as a classic Star of David or a less formal, open layout, changing the entire look of the piece. The same can be said about the Yellow Gold Diamond Hearts pendant, which opens from a crown of clustered heart shapes to a long, elegant line of diamond hearts.

Our Diversa Collection has perfect holiday gifts for the season. There is something for every person of significance in your life, from a cherished daughter in the first bloom of adulthood to a beloved mother who already has a collection of precious jewels.

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