A Guide to Choosing The Right Engagement Ring This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most popular times to get engaged, and it’s not hard to see why. Romance is already in the air, families are together, spirits are high and couples are celebrating their love. The holidays are a memorable time to present the woman you love with an engagement ring, but choosing the right one is easier said than done. If you’re hoping to select a ring to propose this holiday season, read on to get our picks for the best rings for each type of woman.

For The Woman Who Loves Glamour

An adventurous, bold woman who captures your heart with her personality and zest for life needs a ring unlike the others. Choosing a bold, colored gem complimented by diamonds lets her stand out while keeping with tradition. The Effy Aquarius 14K White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Ring features a stunning, 1.8 carat cushion cut aquamarine, surrounded by diamonds in a beautifully crafted white gold setting. Just like her, it captures the eye and heart of any observer.

For The Woman with Regal Style

Royal inspired jewelry with timeless elegance is perfect for a woman with classic, refined personal style and a graceful air. Our 14K White Gold Diffused Sapphire and Diamond Ring is taken from the Gemma Collection, which is inspired by royal style and jewelry. With a 1.5 carat emerald cut blue sapphire in the center, this ring is a perfect candidate to become a family heirloom she will give to your children one day. Sapphires are an increasingly popular choice thanks to the ring given by Prince William to Princess Kate.

For The Woman Who Takes Your Breath Away

There is nothing like a good old fashioned diamond stunner to ensure your future wife will say yes when you pop the question. The Effy Pave Classica 14K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring features a beautifully mounted diamond in a simple setting to draw the light. The round diamond weighs in at just under one carat, making it the right size to draw attention without overpowering the wearer. Plus, the simple band pairs well with any wedding band you choose down the line.

For The Woman with a Style All Her Own

An unconventional woman needs an engagement ring that isn’t likely to be seen on anyone else. The Bouquet 14K White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring uses a selection of quality diamonds clustered around a white gold setting to create an amazing effect. Less traditional than a solitaire, this flower inspired engagement ring is uniquely designed to incorporate the spirit of nature.

If you’re ready to make this holiday season one she’ll never forget, Effy Jewelry has a wide selection of engagement rings to suit any woman in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold settings. Our diamonds are chosen to the highest clarity and quality standards, and each ring is expertly crafted to last. Start looking for the right one today by clicking here.

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