2017’s Hottest Jewelry Trend: Cognac Diamonds

Cognac diamonds are a beautiful choice for men and women of any skin tone. The warm brown glow of the cognac diamond stone allows it to reflect the light while being less ostentatious than the traditional diamond. Worn in a setting with similar and contrasting stones, the cognac diamond is subtle but breathtaking. Effy Jewelry offers many different options that incorporate cognac diamonds in diverse and beautiful ways.

Spotlight on The Beauty of Cognac Diamonds

The Effy 14K Rose Gold Black, Cognac and White Diamond Pendant puts the focus on the spectacular beauty of cognac diamonds. The pendant features several cognac diamonds, artfully arranged in a round pattern with 1.39 TCW of diamonds all around. For a more intricate look, the Effy Espresso 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Filigree Ring uses white and color diamonds to create a spectacular looking pattern. The simple teardrop shape of cognac diamonds is replicated here, but enhanced by the addition of a larger double teardrop of white diamonds, and finished with accents of white and cognac diamonds all around.

A Wedding Band Unlike Any Other

If you’re looking for a subtle twist on the traditional wedding band, the simple beauty of cognac diamonds can be the perfect solution. Effy Jewelry offers a subtle fusion of cognac and white diamonds in the Effy Espresso 14K Rose Gold Cognac and White Diamond Ring. When paired with a stunning diamond solitaire, the overall look is just a little more eye catching than a regular wedding band without sacrificing tradition altogether.

Looks Inspired by Nature Featuring Cognac Diamonds

Cognac diamonds appear in many of the Effy Jewelry pieces that represent nature, thanks to their earth inspired hue. The Effy Novelty 14K Gold Cognac & White Diamond Starfish Pendant lets you incorporate a dash of cognac diamonds into any beach look, as does the Effy Novelty 14K Gold Cognac & White Diamond Stingray Pendant. There are also pieces in the collection that offer a less literal take on the nature theme. The 14K Rose Gold Cognac and White Diamond Ring takes inspiration from the natural beauty of trees and the dynamic way branches grow. The ring uses an alternating pattern of color and white diamonds to mimic the way leaves on a tree appear in contrasting colors as they reach for the sky. Worn on the right hand, this ring can go from day to night wear with ease. Whether you choose to layer an armful of bracelets to create a statement look or let the ring speak for itself, this is a piece that is sure to make an impression on anyone who sees you wearing it.

To see our latest pieces featuring cognac and other color diamonds, click here. Effy Jewelry has a wide range of pendants, bracelets, and earrings that showcase the beauty of color diamonds.

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