The Symbolism of Starfish Jewelry

Thinking of investing in a piece of starfish jewelry for yourself or as a gift for a loved one? You may not realize it, but starfish jewelry holds many symbolic meanings. Starfish were a highly regarded symbol in many ancient cultures, and they continue to hold significance to this day. Here are just a few […]


Best Jewelry to Wear in Cancun

Cancun is a top destination for travelers from all over the world, thanks to the beautiful weather and wide selection of luxury resorts. Even if you plan to spend most of your time on the beach, picking the right jewelry and accessories to complete your look helps you stay chic through your whole vacation. Read […]


Spotlight on The Signature Collection by Effy Jewelry

Each of the collections presented by Effy Jewelry showcases the unique designs and talent behind the line. But the one that best represents the heart and soul of the Effy brand is the Signature Collection, which showcases the beauty and power that inspires Effy designs. To truly understand the Signature Collection, you must first understand […]

Understanding The Symbolism of Key Pendants

Choosing a jewelry gift for a friend or family member who is not a romantic interest can be challenging. Many pieces of jewelry are seen as having a romantic implication when you give them. Key pendants make it a bit simpler, as they are an appropriate gift for just about any occasion. The rich symbolic […]

A Guide to Choosing The Right Engagement Ring This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most popular times to get engaged, and it’s not hard to see why. Romance is already in the air, families are together, spirits are high and couples are celebrating their love. The holidays are a memorable time to present the woman you love with an engagement ring, but choosing the […]

Spotlight on Effy Jewelry’s Diversa Collection

Innovation meets design with the pieces showcased in our Diversa Collection. Each of the pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are made to have more than one look, giving the jewelry multiple possible ways to be worn. Not only are these pieces diverse, they are made with the quality gems and craftsmanship that Effy Jewelry has […]

Best Holiday Gifts for the Stylish Men in Your Life

Choosing a holiday gift for a man who has a distinct personal style and extensive wardrobe can be challenging. A well-dressed man is someone who considers the image he presents at each turn, and values a thoughtfully chosen, quality gift over a generic token of appreciation. Here are our top picks for gifts you can […]

Top Holiday Gifts For Every Woman In Your Life

The end of 2016 is already here, which means you’re looking to find that special something for your special someone. Whether your tradition is Christmas, Hannukah, or even Festivus gifts, Effy has you covered with pieces that are certain to make this year a memorable one. Picking out the perfect gift for that special woman […]

Trend Report: Jewelry Inspired By Royalty

The lush, privileged lives of royalty and the people fortunate enough to associate with them have always made perfect fodder for sumptuous movies, novels and TV shows. On television this year, royals are now at the center of many of the most popular dramas, including The Crown (Netflix), Reign (CW) and Game of Thrones (HBO). […]

Best Jewelry to Wear in Aspen

Visiting Aspen is about so much more than just hitting the ski slopes. The beautiful mountain views and striking sunsets make Aspen an enchanting place to visit, but the bustling nightlife and social scene in the city make it worth staying a while. No matter what is on the agenda during your stay, pack some […]

Effy Signature 14K Rose Gold Diamond and Emerald Double Finger Ring

The Best Jewelry to Highlight The Gloves Seen on Fall Runways

With Fall coming soon, one runway trend that’s sure to be seen at social gatherings across the nation is gloves. But these are not the typical Isotones that people will be wearing once the cold weather hits. Featured in the Fall collections of Delpozo, Rodarte and Oscar De La Renta, these gloves are in bold […]


How to Incorporate Statement Jewelry into Your Personal Style

If you’ve never been a fan of statement jewelry, but want to give larger, bolder pieces a try, you’re not alone! Ever since New York Fashion Week, when many designers showed statement accessories with their new collections, it’s become clear that oversize earrings, bold necklaces and blinged out bangles are here to stay (for at […]